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You may wish to include in your programme a visit to Barcelona. With its spectacular historical, sporting and architectural features Barcelona needs no introduction..


In addition we can also include this destination within your itinerary.

An architectural and historical dream that dates back to Palaeolithic times. You will find in the heart of the town the 'Santa Maria dels Turers' which is a perfect example of Catalonian Gothic architecture dating as far back as the late 13th and 14th centuries.  The nearby market offers a variety of local products and a feast of historical surroundings.  Finish the day with a visit to the lake where you can relax or take an informative tour on one of the 'Swan boats'

Here are just a few ideas to include in the visit:

• A walk up La Rambla will take you to see the street entertainers, shops and will give you a taste of the area’s architectural style. The narrow side alleys lead you towards the Gothic area where you will be surrounded by art and history.

• The ‘Sagradi Familia’ with it’s off balance towers and combined Gothic and Moorish influence form an unconventional yet deliberate masterpiece.

  The Olympic and football stadiums are an excellent option for additional visits.

..A trip on the cable cars allow for fantastic views.

..There are numerous water parks in the area such as 'Parc Aquatic' offering a refreshing alternative.

..Boat trips are available in the Lloret area.

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