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Northern France

Based in Boulogne, our suggested itinerary comprises of visits to Le Portel, Aire sur la Lys and St Omer. You may, of course, include any other nearby destinations if you would prefer. You may wish to add to your programme a visit of your choice from the wood fire bakery, chocolate factory, sweet factory, or La Coupole.

Sample Itinerary
Day One
05.30 Depart School
08.45 Check in at Dover
12.15 Ferry docks in Calais (local time)
13.00 Arrive St Omer
Free time in St Omer - workbooklet available
18.00 Check in at hotel in Boulogne
19.00 Evening meal
Day Two
08.00 Breakfast
09.00 Visit Boulogne - work booklet available
12.45-14.00 Lunch at Le Portel
15.00-16.30 Visit of your choice
18.15 Return to hotel
19.30 Evening meal
Day Three
08.00 Breakfast
09.00 Depart Boulogne
10.15-12.15 Visit market in Aire sur la Lys - Fridays only - worksheet available
13.30-15.00 Visit of your Choice
16.30 Visit to Cité Europe / hypermarket
18.30 Check in at Calais
19.45 Ferry docks in Dover (local time)
22.45-23.45 Arrive School
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