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The most celebrated stretch of the Rhine flows between Mainz and Cologne. This is the German Rhineland, steeped in history and tradition and dominated by the majestic river. Fairytale castles and Gothic churches perched high on the rocks above guard the steep valleys with their terraced vineyards and pine forests. The river boats and coal barges are a constant reminder that the Rhine is also a working river and one of Europe's main arteries in an area of major industrial and commercial importance.

There are several visits in the area that can be included in your programme; tour of the impressive city of Cologne, boat trip on the Rhine or visit to the ruins of Drachenfels to name a few.

Accommodation is at a hotel in the Boppard area on the Rhine, twenty minutes from the city of Koblenz where the Moselle and the Rhine meet.

On your return journey, you may wish to include an optional visit to Vaals in Holland - not only is this the highest point in the Netherlands, but it is also the point where Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands meet.

Sample Itinerary
Day One
04.00-05.00 Depart School
Services stop
08.00 Check in at Dover
11.30 Ferry docks in Calais (local time)
18.30 Arrive Boppard area
19.30 Evening meal
Day Two
08.00 Breakfast
09.00 Depart hotel
Rhine Trip
Free time at chosen destinations
17.45 Return to hotel
19.00 Evening meal
Visit to Koblenz
Day Three
08.00 Breakfast
11.00 Visit Cologne
20.30 Check in at Calais
22.00 Ferry docks in Dover (local time)
01.00-02.00 Arrive School
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